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Music Worship

Stacy Bearden

Amy and Stacy Bearden

“I’m Stacy Bearden, and I will be leading worship for you – eventually – at our on-line church, ChurchWhereYouAre.org. Music worship should allow the believer to pray to God and uplift the name of Christ in a unique and personal way. It should also make our hearts ready to hear God’s word and reflect upon it. I hope that as you and I worship together you will experience the love and joy of Christ and that it will enhance your experience as you listen to and watch Theron’s messages, devotions, and bible studies.”

Stacy Bearden is a pianist with a degree in music performance and piano pedagogy. He was the Minister of Music at a Baptist church in Louisiana from 2003 until 2009. He is now involved in the music program at Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Stacy and his wife Amy live in Louisiana with their son and daughter.

Click below to worship in song with us…

Hold Me, Jesus: Rich Mullen’s song about relying on God for strength and peace.

Completely Free: the story of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.

Revelation Song: praising God for what He is: eternal, all loving, awesome, wonderful, King, everything.

Mighty to Save: Jesus Christ is the source of salvation, He is mighty, He is savior, He can do all things, He is author of salvation, He conquered the grave!



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