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Church Sign June 9, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

Jeremiah 31:31-34
Surely you have seen the church sign that reads, “Sign Broken. Message Inside Sunday Morning.” I guess that’s kind of what this post says. I will hold a chapel service today. You will hear the devotional message of this post in the message delivered. The passage is God’s future promise to the Israelites when they were to come out of captivity. They had rebelled against God. For their sins, God sent them into exile. But a day was coming. It was to be a day of promise and blessing. A day when God would know them and be known by them, personally.
In the Old Testament, God dealt with His people as a group, as a nation as a whole. But, in days to come, God would deal with His people individually. The promise of this passage came to pass in the New Testament in Jesus. Jesus made it possible for us to have a relationship with God on a personal basis. We are the benefactors of God’s promise.
Let this sink in, you can know God.
He has communicated His love to us in His Son. He has written His Law on our hearts in the Holy Spirit, poured out on the earth on the day of Pentecost. This is the message, it is the message of hope and restoration with God. It is the message of the Cross.

Oh Lord, speak to me in my spirit in such a way that I might hear you. Convey your message to my heart and let me be bold in my acceptance and practice of it. Be my God. Help me to be your people. Amen.



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