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Last Week June 8, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

James 4:13-17
Last week at this time we made our long journey to begin training. Do you remember what you were thinking or planning for when you arrived?
I made some guesses about how I would conduct my days. I packed enough to get by for the first few days because I made assumptions that we would have freedoms that we haven’t been given. I have been far busier than I anticipated. I have not been able to get my personal things in.
How about you?
What did you have planned? Did it turn out as you had expected?
The Bible speaks to this. In James 4, we are cautioned against making decisions about the future especially since we don’t know what our future holds. Only God knows our future. The businessmen of this parable made their plans without consulting God nor giving Him credit for their success. They bragged about themselves and what they had accomplished. It is not enough to develop a plan, no matter how foolproof it may seem, and then ask God to bless it when He was not included in it anyways. The good evangelist would say, you can’t make plans and then ask God to “bless my mess.”
What are your plans for next week?

Oh Lord, you see and know all things. You know my rising up and my lying down. In you I live and move find my being. Help me to remember that I don’t order my steps and the days of my life, you do. Amen.



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