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Lesser Miracles June 7, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

John 21:1-12
Let’s take a second look at this passage. It is a story of an amazing miracle. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of miracles; miracles over nature, miracles over healing and miracles over death. This is a miracle demonstrating God’s power over nature.
The disciples had been up all night fishing. They were cold, wet, tired and hungry. Now, there is this man on the shore that seems to be heckling them. He tells them to cast their net to other side of the boat. When they do, they haul up this huge catch of fish. How did He know the fish were there? Did He somehow see a school of fish in the false light of pre-dawn? Did He appoint them to be there?
That is a pretty amazing miracle that demonstrates Jesus’ power over nature.
But, this is the lesser miracle in the story.
One disciple peers over the side of the boat and realizes the shadowy figure on the shore is Jesus. Peter jumps out of the boat and swims to shore. As he and the others make their way on to the shore they find a small fire burning with bread being baked. Jesus asks for some fish to add to the breakfast He has started. They didn’t need to ask, they knew it was Jesus.
The rest of the story is the greater miracle, the true miracle. Jesus reinstates Peter. Peter had denied Jesus three times only a few nights before. He originally claimed he would follow Jesus to death if need be. But, when push came to shove, Peter backed down. He jumped out of the boat to get to Jesus quickly. He had some unfinished business with Jesus.
Jesus lovingly reinstated Peter. He forgave him of his offenses. That is the real miracle here, the miracle of redemption. We too can be redeemed by Jesus for the wrongs we have done in our lives.

Oh Lord, help me to see myself as you see me. Help me to recognize the things I have done that have been wrong. Though my sins be as scarlet, make me white as snow in Your perfect redemption. Amen.



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