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Miserable June 6, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

John 21:1-12
How do you describe “miserable?”
I grew up in the mountains of Idaho. As school began I knew it wouldn’t be long before we spend every weekend at hunting camp. Early in the Fall in the high country, the weather changes come quicker and more severely. You might head out one morning for an all day hunt with the sun shining and come back that evening in the snow.
Miserable looks like this; you come in from that all day hunt cold, wet, tired and hungry. Most of the time you were also empty handed. That’s miserable.
That’s where we find our disciples in this story. They have just lost their friend, their leader. Peter and the others decide to go out fishing. On the Sea of Galilee, people fish at night. So, they had been up all night. They were tired, wet, cold and hungry. Now, here is this person on the shore that seems to be heckling them, “Friends, no fish…” It turned out to be Jesus. Suddenly their sullen misery turns to joy.
It has been raining on and off for days. That’s miserable. The temperature is ridiculous and the humidity is stifling. That’s miserable. But, isn’t it worth it for the cause of freedom? Consider the soldiers of old who came through this same base following World War 2. They did not have air conditioning, nor buildings with solid floors. They were in tents with dirt or pallet floors. That’s miserable. But, it was all worth it and it still is worth it for us to be miserable for a short time to defend that freedom and comfort we all enjoy.

Oh Lord, help me to put into perspective the true measure of what freedom costs knowing that others have given up so much that we all might have the life of comfort and freedom that we all enjoy. Help me to endure the rain and heat to further the cause of freedom, identify with those who have come before me and to identify with you in your suffering. Amen.



1. Gary Fontenot - June 6, 2013

It’s funny how the miserable times have the greatest effect on us. It’s what we remember the most; how we overcame them. It’s the preserverance you talked about in your last blog. It’s what builds character, what makes us who we are. Getting through the miserable times of the past is what gives us hope to get through the miserable
times in our future knowing we are not alone. He is always there.

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