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Fleeting Moments June 4, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

James 4:13-17
Summertime in the south is difficult for me. I did not grow up here, so the heat and humidity have taken some getting used to. My favorite seasons of the year are Autumn and Spring. I like the Autumn best. The days are growing shorter. The harvest is being collected. The ground and God’s grace have yielded a good crop. The air is cool and dry. Nighttime is sometimes cold enough for a blanket and the days will develop a chill soon.
In the Spring, life is coming back from the bare nakedness of the trees that look dead. Growth and change are happening just out of sight in the mystery of life. The nights are cold and the days still cool, but summer heat is coming.
As the summer arrives I give a sigh as I await my blessed harvest and cooler days.
The hard part is knowing that the best, the most perfect of these days won’t last long. The heat or the cold is coming quickly. The fair moments are fleeting.
It is difficult to think that life is like that too. But, the Bible says that our lives are as a vapor. Even the moments of our lives are fleeting as well.
Here in the midst of the heat and work of training, the same is true. While it may seem that the day will never end, or the heat is unbearable, know that soon all of this will come to an end. Even these days are fleeting.
Perhaps instead of disdain, we should look at these days with a sense of wonder trying to soak in every last moment knowing they will not last long. They are all but fleeting moments.

Oh Lord, help me to remember that all things are but a moment, everything fades away, but You last forever. Help me consider with joy the moments that I have been graced with. Amen.



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