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You, Me, Us, We June 2, 2013

Posted by theronwatson in Devotional Thought.

2 June 2013
Philippians 4:8

For the occasion of the Louisiana Army National Guard, while we are engaged in Annual Training ::

There is something bigger than each of us out there; it is ALL of us. Individually, we can be overcome, overwhelmed, overtaken. Individually, we will not make it very long. But together… United… We are strong. We are able.
What we do for the Army National Guard is good. We help defend the freedoms others enjoy. It is noble, right and pure. We “individually” come together, corporately, to form “us.” We are a unit, united in unity, to complete the honorable task put before us.
We represent part of a whole. We represent ourselves, individually, but there is a greater purpose by far because we can be overcome alone and freedom can be taken away. We represent our families, who also must sacrifice while we are away. We represent our towns, our state, our nation.
We serve. We serve the great people of each portion and the whole. We are willing to accept great sacrifices. For some, even the greatest sacrifice.
Not everyone is called to this noble task. Not everyone is able. But, for those of us who have willingly accepted this great calling, we should never forget that it is not for any one of us, any one family or group. It is for the whole. It is for ALL of us. Freedom is not free. We must come together to defend it, for ALL of us.

Oh Lord, help me to remember that I am not here for myself. I am here to uphold a noble and honorable undertaking to defend the freedoms others enjoy, for all of us. Amen.



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