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Talking to God July 27, 2011

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As the “religious guy,” I am often asked to pray in a gathering of friends. The assumption is that since I am the “religious guy,” God will hear my prayers before someone else’s, or that I know “how to” pray better than others. Not so…
Prayer is for everyone. It is simply ‘talking to God.’ In Romans 8, we learn that the work of Christ upon the Cross made it possible for us to call God, Father. Where the ancients lived in fear of the Divine, we have a familiarity with Him. Now, that is not to say that we can be flippant about it. Can we say to God, “What up, dawg?” Yes. Should we? No. Even the word, “Abba, Father,” has an attitude of respect to it. I like to think of prayer as talking to God, but as you would the mayor of your town.
Prayer is simple. You tell God what you want or need, He responds. Sometimes the answer is, “No.”
God wants to hear from us. Some would say, “But, God knows everything. Why should we tell Him what He already knows?” Because, prayer is for us. We pray not to inform God, but to come alongside Him, to agree with Him. I believe God wants us to pray so that WE know our needs, our true needs.
Prayer is more than a one way phone call. In our prayer time, we should not do all the talking. We should take time to listen as well. During our prayer time, God will speak to us as well. It is often clearer than at any other time if we will really listen. In that, we learn of His will for our lives, the direction He wants us to go, what we need to change within ourselves, and more.
Do you have a prayer time? When’s the last time you spent time talking to God?
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1. Barbara Alston - July 27, 2011

Bro. Watson,
I like what you had to say about prayer. It is for everyone, even the unsaved must call upon God to ask forgiveness for their sins and to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We, as His children, certainly should engage in prayer, giving praise and thanksgiving as well as making our request known to Him. I agre that we must take time to listen to God just as Ps. 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God.”

In Christ Jesus,
Barbara Alston

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