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Evidence From Nothingness July 20, 2011

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Since the beginning, there have been opponents of God and His people. They oppose God and all who stand for Him. They make claims that God does not exist, that the Bible is not really the Word of God and that our faith is in vain. They cite other sources they claim are just as valid as the Bible. They cite events and claim them as proof. It has been this way since the beginning.
In our passage today, we find the Assyrians making threats and demands upon the people of God. They point to other gods, their gods, claiming they are as great as God Almighty. The cited the great success and military might of the Assyrian army. They quoted their own scripture and even claimed that God Himself was on their side, against His people; the Israelites.
These claims may have sounded valid. They may have caused some to doubt or fear. But, the truth was yet to be made known. Opponents of God make their lofty claims and site evidence that supports their cause just as the Assyrians did. They say there really is no God. They say that we are alone and our worship ascends to nothingness. God does not really hear nor care, they claim. They say there is no heaven, there is no literal hell, and that Jesus was just a regular guy and that He is not coming back again. Every day that passes adds to their evidence. Every day that passes is one more day they can point and claim they are right. But, they are citing evidence from nothingness. They site their own evidence as support for their cause and, at least for the moment, they may even seem to be right.
But, rest assured. Read the rest of this passage and see what came of the Assyrian king. The words of the prophet Isaiah spoken from God came to pass. They had to get to that point in history in order to be able to see it. Time must pass to prove the facts that are really true. We can only look back in time to see what really happened. We are not capable of seeing into the future. But, God is.
Trust your faith my friends. In time we will see the deliverance of the Lord. In the great and mighty day of the Lord, all opponents will be silenced. We have seen God’s work through history. It has come to pass so many times with absolute certainty. Just because opponents are claiming victory does not mean they have it until all has been accomplished. Though the Lord tarries, do not give in to doubt. Trust in Him. He will prove faithful yet.
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