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Arguing Your Beliefs July 13, 2011

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I checked out a book from the library the other day and read most of it. It did little more for me than remind me that there are real opponents to the Word of God all around. They site evidence that they demand is proof while denying proponents of scripture the ability to do the same. They make claims about the historicity of ancient documents and writings and accept them as absolute but demand another standard for those who agree with the Bible.
Can the Bible truly be read as an historical document? I believe it can.
I believe it is good practice for everyone to read books and articles that do not agree with everything we believe or think. We need to be challenged to develop our own reasoning and sound decisions. Reading works by people who do not agree with your views helps develop, clarify and solidify what you believe and why. It helps us make better arguments about what we believe especially if we know what others believe. They know what we believe because they have studied. Shouldn’t we do the same? If we are so unsure that our beliefs might be swayed, perhaps we are not so convinced after all.
Opponents to the Word of God and all things Christian are all around. They seem to be increasing in number every day. We need to know what they believe and why in order to make sound arguments for the faith and/or against their beliefs. Having said that, I do not believe we should be militant about it. I believe a little open mindedness goes a long, long way. We listen and earn the right to be heard. We hear their reasons and offer our own arguments. It is not that we have to agree with their views, but we don’t have to be disagreeable. But, we should not let them push us around, either. (There’s a balance in there somewhere.) Maybe if we knew what we believed and why we believe it rather than just blind acceptance we could make a better argument for the faith and win more people to the Gospel.
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