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Making God Be Who We Want Him to Be June 29, 2011

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I was talking with a guy in my National Guard unit before we deployed to Iraq last year. He told me has was a C & E Catholic. I wondered within myself whether that was another ‘type’ of Catholic or something, because I had never heard of that before. Turns out what he referred to as himself being a C & E Catholic means he usually goes to church only on Christmas and Easter. He figured that is enough. Somehow, by going those two “most sacred days,” he is covered.
Early in the year, we moved into country to begin our duties. In the midst of all the moving and operations, Easter happened. As the Chaplain for the unit, I made sure to hold a special service recognizing Easter and the importance it has to us as believers. Returning to the compound, I bumped into this person. He asked how my service went. “Fine,” I told him. Then, I asked him if he made it to church, especially since it was Easter and remembering what he told me before about going on Christmas and Easter especially. He told me he did not make it to church that day, even though there were several services held. Speaking through a wry smile he said, “I am sure God will understand.” To which I replied, “What if He doesn’t?”
The problem here is not a lack of belief or faith. The problem here is a misunderstanding of the attributes of God. We cannot separate out one attribute of God over another. We cannot claim one trait in God’s character over another to give us the excuse we are looking for to suit our needs. Yes, God is understanding. He is long suffering and kind. God is slow to wrath and loving. But, we cannot remove those from all His other attributes because God is also vengeful, wrathful and jealous. Even these cannot be individualized for any purpose. God is loving in His wrath and jealous in His patience. He is kind and merciful but also just, holy and perfect at the same time. Individual attributes cannot be singled out to make excuses in order to make ourselves feel better.
God is complete within Himself. He does not require our company, He requests it. He does not demand our allegiance, He invites it. But, God is also God and we should never forget that fact. Just because we can call Him Father does not mean we can be so familiar or flippant.
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