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Rain…? June 15, 2011

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Where is the rain? Here in southwest Louisiana we are experiencing something of a drought. We are something like ten inches behind in rain for the year. My yard is dry and crunchy. I watch the clouds develop, but nothing comes. Even watering does not seem to keep up with the dry conditions. What are we to do? We cannot force it to rain.
Our forefathers recognized this. The farmers and ranchers that made this land great understood their absolute dependency on the land to produce a crop. They depended on the rain to nourish the ground. They depended on God for the rain. Has God forsaken us? Absolutely not.
I think God uses times like these to teach us what we forget through the generations; that we are still dependant on Him. We also start looking at scripture with different eyes, with a better understanding.
The Bible tells us that, “the rain falls on the just and the unjust.” (Matt 5:45) Our perception of God’s justice is influenced by our view of His blessings. Many of us think of a television show or movie clip where a family mourns the loss of a loved one at a funeral as the cold rain falls from above. In this way, we see rain as something bad. Rain is the thing that keeps us inside when we would rather be outside. Rain spoils our plans and makes us run for cover. It ruins our grocery bags, our hair and our clothes as we make our way to our cars through the parking lot of the store. And, of course, a closer spot could not have been found.
But, think for a moment where the author of this text was living as he penned these words. The land of Palestine is a desert. The farmers and herders of Israel still depend upon the rain to water their crops, make grazing pasture and water in the streams for their animals to drink. Rain is an absolute necessity. It is not viewed as a negative thing that ruins plans and make life boring. Rather, it is the thing that makes life possible. It is a great blessing from God.
While I was home on leave from Iraq last July, I walked a friend to their car in the driveway. It was raining. I hadn’t felt the rain in months. So, I stayed outside for a bit to soak it in. My boys yelled from the door, “Hey, don’t you know it’s raining?” “Oh yes,” I said, “that’s why I’m standing out here.”
Maybe what we need is a change in perspective and better appreciation for God’s true blessings.
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