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The Promise of Blessings from Helping Others June 8, 2011

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Ecclesiastes 11:1
We as Americans are so blessed. We have more than the vast majority of the population of the world who live in third world countries and exist by subsistence farming and nomadic grazing of their herds. America truly is the Land of Plenty. Many of us have more than we really need. What are we doing with all that extra stuff? Maybe what we ought to do is learn from the people around the world who live in community, who work together to meet each other’s needs rather than just focusing on themselves. Maybe what we ought to do is learn to help out those in need around us by giving away the extra stuff that we have. That would benefit all of us. They get what they need. We get extra space from decluttering our lives by giving it to them.
I like to build with wood. A few years ago I built my boys some beds with storage underneath. They used them for a long time, but now they have outgrown them. I put them out front with a sign on them for anyone who might want them. By the next day, a number of people had stopped and looked, but no one asked me about them. Finally, one woman did. She told me about how she was going to school. How she and her husband were getting by in this tough economy. They have two small boys. They were sleeping in toddler beds, but had outgrown them. She wanted to know how much I wanted for the beds.
I have been there. I am still there. I have been in that place where there just isn’t enough. Young married couples and college students have it the worst. There is just never enough. You’re never sure how that bill, due now, is going to get paid. That’s where they are, so I gave them the beds with these instructions. Should they ever not need them, and if I built them strong enough to last, give them to the next people who need them.
That’s how we will make it in this tough economy. That’s how we will make it as a global community, by paying it forward. The Bible calls it, “casting our bread upon the water” and promises that in time it will come back to us.
Perhaps we could all help those around us with the extra that we have.
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