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How to Be Ready for the End of the World June 1, 2011

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Acts 2:42-47
The fervor that came with the predictions of the end of the world seems to have subsided for now. But, it is always lurking just under the surface. There are also those who think about it daily. There are those who hope for it, wish for it, for whatever reason. There are also those who fear it because they are not ready. This begs a question; how does one get ready for the end of the world?
There are numerous people storing up food, water, supplies, batteries, etc. They stock pile these necessities thinking they will use them when the time comes. Problem is, if the event tarries, those supplies go bad over time. If they are not circulated into an everyday existence and replenished, then when they are needed they may not be any good anymore.
Here’s another thing to consider. One person or one family may think they will have enough to take care of themselves for a while. This could be true. They may have plenty of food, water, batteries and guns for everyone in the family. But, the problem is, we do not exist in a vacuum. There are people are around who will want those things. Without enough eyes watching, guards roving and people ready to act; there are others who will want to take those resources even if by force if necessary. And, people have to sleep at some point. I do not believe one person, not even one family can do it all by themselves.
What is the answer then? Community.
I believe when an event like a natural disaster happens (which is the way we are looking at the end of the world and not the Rapture when many of us will be gone anyway) those who are successful group together into communities of tight knit, like minded people. Tribes and clans of indigenous peoples have always been exactly that; family groups that united for a common good. Villages in third world countries still do it. Our ancestors did it, whether they migrated across America in westward expansion or settled in the pockets and valleys of Appalachia. Here in Louisiana, the Cajun people demonstrated it completely. The apostles and the community of believers did it and were successful not only in surviving, but also spreading the Word of God, avoiding persecution, and providing the very example countless people have followed to be successful in survival. That’s how we will make it.
So, don’t ignore your neighbors. Get to know the people around you. Even if a great apocalypse does not occur, you will be blessed by living in community.
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