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Jesus the Savior April 20, 2011

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After graduating from high school and attending my first semester of college, I decided to join the Army. I arrived at Fort Riley, Kansas, in August of 1992. One of the first people I met when I arrived handed me a business card and invited me to church; the New Testament Church of Junction City, Kansas. I still had no desire to attend a church. Instead, I joined a new crowd and lived like a man of the world, yet I found there was still a void in my life that was not being filled.
A year or so passed until one day I was sorting through some stuff in a drawer when I found that same business card I had been given when I first arrived. I thought about the invitation to attend church, and for the first time in a long time I considered going. At first, the full gospel style of worship was intimidating. I had never experienced worship like that before. Instead of being somber, people were celebrating Jesus. Instead of mumbling the hymns, we clapped and sang out loud. I started attending more and more and even began inviting others.
One autumn night I was talking on the phone with a girl I had met in Louisiana during a trip over a four day pass. My barracks roommate had invited several of us to his house in Lake Charles for a festival earlier that spring. She told me about a youth camp she had attended where some kids had gotten saved. I had never heard of this before and asked her about it. She explained the Gospel to me by sharing the Gospel with me and introduced me to the idea of salvation. Though I did not understand, it began to take hold.
One Sunday night in December, I was sitting alone, reflecting on my life and eating supper when I felt an overwhelming need to be at church. I arrived late. I do not recall the music or the message. However, at the end of the service, when the pastor invited us all to find a place to pray, I fell face down out of my chair. He must have known something was going on because I felt his hand on my back as he asked, “Are you ready?” That night, in December of 1993, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
Jesus can be your Savior also. Just ask Him.
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1. Martha L Shaw - April 20, 2011

We don’t have to know much – we only have to say “yes, Lord” and He will take care of the rest when we trust in Him. Thanks for sharing this.

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