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The Right Group to Be a Part of April 13, 2011

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Matthew 28:20
I came to the realization about half way through my first semester of college that college was not for me. I needed to get away. Life was frustrating. I was a constant stress basket. I found little joy in life. I had a job I enjoyed, but it was not something that becomes a career. So, I decided to join the Army.
By this time, all of life’s questions had played out. My parents divorced and my mother remarried. Her new husband and I did not get along. Somehow, I graduated from High School. I had completely given up on church. The few friends I had left for other colleges or life got in the way and we parted. Church had no place in my life. I gave up on it entirely. I had a vehicle, a girlfriend, a job, classes and a mouth full of chancre sores from stress. I had to get away and find out who I was.
Basic Training was all that I expected and more. It changed me. I learned and I grew. I returned to Idaho on leave and drove my pickup to Fort Riley, Kansas, my permanent duty station. When I arrived, I reported in. The high ranking man behind the desk, that I reported to, ask me my name. It struck me as odd, but this somehow validated my identity. Then he said something I may never forget, “Let’s get this guy a temporary card so he can get into the chow hall. You know how Infantry guys like to eat.” Somehow he knew me and I hadn’t said a word. Could these be my people?
It seems odd to me, looking back now, how one group will let you in while another ignores you completely. The group I would have expected to accept me, my church group, actually alienated me while the earthly “sinners” accepted me. High School and college, that is to say centers of higher learning were frustrating, while the hands-on approach of the Army fit me very well. I found my people. I found my group. I found where I fit in. I found myself.
Later, I would learn a great truth. Jesus is a Friend that will not turn you away. Church members may not always act accordingly, but Jesus never fails. Once we are in His group, He never leaves us. He is always present. He keeps His promises and one of His greatest is that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. That’s the group I am in now. You should join us.
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