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An Encouraging Word; A Bit More of My Testimony March 29, 2011

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Proverbs 12:25
By my late teenage years, I found myself very much alone. My parents had divorced. I was ignored by my youth group. School was frustrating. I didn’t fit in anywhere. I looked for answers and found none. I wished I could just fade away. Where could I turn? My parents did not have the answers. They could not even keep themselves straight. The church did not have the answers to the questions I was asking. I was lost in the shuffle at school. But………
I had two teachers in High School that saw my potential, my Spanish teacher and my English teacher. Both approached me in different ways. My Spanish teacher was a large man, and very intelligent. He was confrontational but patient with me. He confirmed in me what I did not know about myself, that I was capable regardless of what I was hearing from all other sources. He pushed me to do more, be more. I owe a great debt of gratitude to him.
My English teacher was a sweet woman. She was patient and kind to me at a time when little else was. She encouraged me with positive remarks and when I denied them she confirmed me with my doubts rather than her trying to over exaggerate and convince me. She simply pointed out the positive. It was to her that I went when I learned my elementary school offered a small scholarship to college for those who had attended there I needed a teacher to write a recommendation for me. She took the time to write a nice letter and send it off. I did get that scholarship and I owe her a great debt of gratitude as well.
More than any other though is the memory of a sad kid sitting on a park bench on the bank of the river. I was waiting. I was wondering. I was not sure for what until it happened. Some friends of my parents happened by along the paved walking path that follows the river back home, when they saw me sitting there. It was such a short interchange I doubt they would even remember. But, the fact that they took a moment out of the day to share a kind word with a lost boy meant so much to me. They asked about me and my circumstances. They took time to really listen. Then, before they left, they simply told me ‘it would be okay.’ For some reason I believed them. It seems so simple and silly now, but then it was a deep and meaningful interchange.
We just never know, you know, what a kind word or gesture will mean to someone else. We never know where they are in the life’s journey. Perhaps we should do that more often, share an encouraging word, a smile, some time. Even a short moment can have a profound impact. Be a blessing to someone today.
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