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Questions; A Bit of My Testimony March 14, 2011

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John 14:6
As a teenager my life began to change. I began to notice vast differences between the way I was treated by my parents and the way other kids my age were treated by theirs. I had many, many more chores than other kids my age. My parents feuded frequently and eventually divorced years later. I spent much of my time alone. I had friends, but they always seemed to be busy doing family things or they were involved in sports and extracurricular activities at school and church. I found it more and more difficult to fit in anywhere. School was frustrating. My family life was difficult. I looked for answers within the church, but found very few. The questions I was asking challenged the status quo and the old, traditional answers were not adequate. Some people thought I was just being belligerent or rude. Some thought I was questioning them personally. The answers I got were insufficient. So I stopped asking. I stopped caring. I eventually quit church completely. Who would want to be involved with people who cannot even answer a kid’s questions?
Time passed and I joined the Army. I fell in with a new crowd of people and lived like the world. My nights and weekends were filled with women and booze, but the hole in my heart could not be filled. I did not know it then, but God was still pursuing me. People would share the Gospel with me, but they still could not answer my questions. They would say, “If you accept Jesus you will have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” Yes, this is true. “But”, I said, “I have lots of friends. Why would I want an imaginary friend?” They did not have an answer for that. They told me if I accepted Jesus as my Savior, He would love me unconditionally. I told them my mama and my dog did too. They did not have an answer for that either.
One night, my questions came to an end. My questions were answered with a question to which I did not have the answer. It suddenly became unimportant that “they” did not have the answers I sought, for I did not have the answer God sought of me; what do I do about my sin? How does one get to heaven? In that moment Jesus became the answer to all the questions I had sought for so long. He is the only way to heaven and the only answer to the real question; “What does one do about their sin?” We will be held accountable for the answer we give of ourselves not the questions we ask of others.
Do you have a relationship with Jesus or are you still in your sin?
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