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Church; My Time or His Time March 4, 2011

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Luke 20:24-25
When I was a child, my family and I attended a Nazarene church. We did not attend even week. I would not say we even attended often. Whenever we were in town on the weekend though, we went, more or less. We seldom went to “church service,” but we did go to Sunday School. You see, we were always busy. We always seemed to be out in the woods on the weekends. It was not a matter of recreation for us. It was a matter of survival.
My childhood was difficult. To put it simply, we were poor. We subsisted mostly on wild game, home grown vegetables (we always had a big garden) and wood heat for the long cold winters in Idaho. Our weekends were spent in the woods pursuing these things. During the spring we gathered wild mushrooms and went fishing. In the summer we fished and collected firewood by the cord. In the late summer and fall, we scouted and hunted wild game. In the winter we restocked and prepared for the next year. It was an ongoing cycle.
I asked my mother about going to church and why we didn’t go more often. She told me we could worship God under the trees. Now, this is true. We can worship God under the trees. We can experience God with amazing clarity and deep intimacy in the midst of the handiwork of His Creation. I have seldom had more genuine experiences with God than in the out of doors. The problem with this is simple, that was not our reasons for being there. It was an excuse to do what we wanted to do more than something else. Eventually, this would my excuse for a long time after I left the church. I decided I could worship God wherever I was. While this is true, it can become an excuse if that is not your true intention. I finally came to a realization that I could give God an hour of my week in exchange for the goodness He offers the rest of the week. I quickly learned that once I gave to God what was His anyway I had more time somehow to do what I wanted. It is an amazing transaction.
Try it. See if it works for you. Then, let me know what you find out. Contact me by email at churchconcerns@yahoo.com



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