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Church; “Get to” Or “Got to” March 2, 2011

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When I was a child, my family and I went to church at a Nazarene church. I do not believe there was any particular reason or conviction we attended church there any more than that was where my parent’s friends and associates went. So, we did too. Church was just something we did, or were supposed to do as a good practice. I think people often view it as a lucky charm or karma with great fear that if one does not attend church for the week, God will do something bad to them. This should not be.
Attending church is not something that we must do, as if God will be unhappy with us if we do not. Church is something we “get” to do rather than “got” to do. The local fellowships and congregations are a blessing from God for us to meet with and identify with other believers with whom we share common beliefs. There are a myriad of different churches, denominations and belief systems out there. Find one you like, that has similar convictions that you share and attend regularly. It is not that God will do something bad to you if you don’t go. But, think of the blessings that you are missing out on by not attending.
If you have questions about a type of church or need help beginning the search, contact me by email. I will do what I can to help.



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