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In Sales, Not Management February 23, 2011

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John 1:40-42
The dark clouds hang low in the sky with the threat of rain here in south west Louisiana. They remind me of a story. We were out at a firing range during a National Guard training exercise. It had been raining. We were wet and none too happy. As the Chaplain, people bring me all kinds of gripes, but this one was different. One of my guys said to me, “Hey Chaplain, could you do something about this,” as he pointed to the sky indicating the clouds and the rain. I said, “I’ve already put the call in,” meaning I’d prayed that God would end the rain for a while so we could finish the remainder of our training in a little more comfort. “But,” I added, “I’m not in management, just in sales.” Moments later, the rain stopped. The clouds parted and a gloriously sunny day was the result. As people walked by they looked at me with a suspicious and rather puzzled looked. I just smiled a wry smile and nodded.
The truth is we have no control over God. We do not influence Him with our prayers regardless of how flowery they may be. Religious talk does not impress God. We are called to prayer, conversation with God. We are also called to evangelism. I have no influence over God. I have no imaginary, spiritual power over the Divine nor am I even in some kind of higher class than everyone else simply because I am a Chaplain. I am nothing more than a regular guy with a special job. But, we all have that job. We are supposed to share the Truth of the Gospel with those around us who will listen. We do not peddle the Gospel for money. We simply tell others about what we have that they need; a relationship with Jesus.



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