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Faith In Action February 4, 2011

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James 2:14-18, John 9:4,5
Have you ever seen the commercial that portrays those who only talk and the one who puts action to the situation? The scene opens with a well dressed group sitting around a table in a posh restaurant chatting. As they talk one of them begins to choke. Each adds their two cents to the chatter. “I believe Bob is choking.” “Why, yes, I believe he is. He is turning red.” “Oh look, he is putting his hands around his throat giving the universal sign that he is choking.” “Someone should do something…” From another table another man gets up, and without a word walks over and performs an abdominal thrust dislodging the item in Bob’s throat. Once again the chatter continues from Bob’s table. “See, I told you he was choking.” “That was the abdominal thrust and it worked perfectly…”
It is not enough to simply talk about what is happening or what should happen. We must put action to our words. We as Christians are bad about this. We sit in our ivory towers upon our blessed assurance and talk about evangelism and ministry, but do not do as much as we could be doing. We as Christians are the hands and feet of Christ. We are not supposed to sit around and wait for it to get done. There is no “They.” “They” will not do it. “We” must be the ones to do it. The world will not share the Gospel. We as Christians are called to do it. The world will not offer a cup of cold water in the Name of the Lord. We are to do that. Our faith should compel us to action, to ministry. Get up. Go and do what God has called us to do. Let’s stop sitting around talking about what is happening around us and let’s get busy doing what we already know we are supposed to be doing.



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