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Is God Still Magnificent? September 28, 2010

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Psalms 19
When did we change our minds? When did God stop being relevant? When did we stop holding Him in reverent fear? When did we lose our sense of awe? We used to be amazed. We used to be speechless. Not so much anymore. We used to remark at the splendor of the Grand Canyon. We used to feel small in the mountains. We used to be astounded at the vastness of the sea. When we gazed into the heavens we used to be moved by the number of stars in the night’s sky. Is it the fault of the city lights that have diminished the splendor of the night’s sky? Is it the geologist that has diminished our wonder of the mountains and the sea? Is it the archaeologist that has taken away our awe of the Grand Canyon? Has the scientist stolen our reverence of God?
God’s majesty is still displayed. Sometimes you have to get out of town to see it, but it is still there. The night’s sky is still full of wonders. The same stars are still held there, suspended. God placed them there. He numbered them and knows each one of them. The same moon still holds the same course that it always has. The same sun still shines in the daytime. It has not faded. All of these speak of God’s handiwork. They proclaim God’s majesty. The heavens declare the glory of God but never say a word out loud. There is no speech. There is no spoken language. There is no voice. But, the sky and all the heavenly bodies proclaim the glory of God. It echoes across all of Creation. Like the sun, nothing is hidden from it. Everything is affected by its heat. Nothing is immune. Nothing can escape its radiance. God has revealed Himself in such a way that all Creation great and small sees the glory of the King and must reconcile itself with His majesty. This is General Revelation. We must each come to terms with God. Or, we must deny it. We must block it out and resist it with any means necessary, because it will capture your attention. Otherwise, you just might find yourself speechless and feeling insignificant in comparison to the grandeur of Creation.
God has revealed Himself personally as well. He has revealed Himself in the form of His Word. He has revealed Himself in the form of His Law and His Commandments. Anyone who will listen will hear. Anyone who is looking will see. They reveal God as the created order cannot. They are the voice of God in words, in written form. Creation proclaims God’s majesty without a voice. God’s Word is His own declaration and we would do well to learn it. His Law is perfect. It revives the soul. His testimony is sure and brings wisdom even to the simple. His statutes are right. They bring joy to the heart. His Commandment is pure. It brings insight for living. The fear of God is pure. It endures forever. His judgments are true and fair. God is good and holy. He does not need anyone to validate Him. His is right for the sake of right, and just for the sake of just. God is Truth. God is love. He is these things not because we believe He is. He is these attributes and we believe them. His attributes are not diminished if someone does not believe them. God embodies them and invites us to come along side of Him in agreement. God could do nothing and He would still be perfect and holy. But, He has revealed Himself both in His Word and in Creation and they testify of His truth. God is truth. They testify that He exists. They testify that He keeps His Word and that His Word is true. This is His Special Revelation to any who will pay attention.
We would do well to pay attention to God’s revelations. Paul tells us in Romans that we are without excuse. “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. “ (Romans 1:20) God’s Truth is then highly desirable for those who want it. It is like honey, sweet and satisfying. His Truth comes with a reward both temporary and eternal. Temporarily we have His presence to care for and guide us. Eternally we receive heaven and the presence of God. We remain sinful, but when we are with God, He will keep us from willful sins by His Sprit’s conviction. We should seek in all earnestness to desire God only. All that we say, all that we think and all that we are is in Him.
When is the last time you marveled at the vastness of the universe?
When is the last time you stood in awe of the majesty of God?



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