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Never Alone September 20, 2010

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Proverbs 18:24
I’ve told the story so many times in the past. But, I thought I would tell it once more, this time with a lesson I have learned from it. So, stay with me.
When I was younger, people tried to persuade me to become a Christian. They told me that was what I needed to do, but they never told me why. I asked “why,” a lot. But no one could ever answer the difficult questions. They implied that if I accepted Jesus as my Savior, all my troubles would fade away. The trouble was; I knew lots of people who were Christians who had lots of problems. They told me that if I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I would have someone who would love me unconditionally. They were right of course, but I did not learn that until later. I told them my momma loves me unconditionally, and so did my dog. They told me that if I accepted Jesus as my Savior I would have a Friend that sticks closer than a brother. They were right of course, but I did not learn that until later. I told them that I had lots of friends. I told them I did not need an imaginary friend. One day a person came along who answered my question with a question, “How then does a person get to heaven?” I did not have a response to this, because I did not know. From this, the seed planted within me grew until I found myself crying out to Jesus to save me. This then is the rest of the story.
Becoming a Christian does not lead to a life of ease. It does not mean that everything works out for you every time. Players who pray before the big game do not always win because they asked God to help them. God does not take sides like that. If that were the case, a Christian golfer would win every match. A Christian tennis player would win every time. But what would happen between teams with Christians on each as is often the case in sports like baseball or football. Is it based on the number of Christian players? Well, that certainly would change the way the “draft” is conducted. Scouts would be investigating a player’s spiritual background rather than their playing ability. Teams would be built with only professing Christians. It would be a never ending process with a team always looking for a more spiritual person to replace a less spiritual one. But, who determines that?
Becoming a Christian does not lead to a life without difficulty. Life does not become a country music song played backwards. Do you know what you get when you play a country music song backwards? You get your house back. You get your wife back. You get your dog back. People don’t die. Love does not fade. Dented pickup trucks become like new. This is not so in real life.
If becoming a Christian led to a life of ease, everyone would be signing up for it. We do not follow God for a sense of comfort. We follow God from a sense of commitment. In many cases, the Christian life is more difficult than a worldly life. Why would anyone want that? A worldly life has enough difficulty and pressure for itself. Stress, sickness, financial burdens, death, the list goes on and on. The Christian life adds to that persecution, abandonment, ridicule from friends and family, not to mention the very real enemy we have in the devil. But, Christianity is not about escaping the difficulties of life, but rising up against them. In the world you will find people who will walk with you only so far. Fair weather friends will leave you. They will turn their backs to you. Suffering is often looked upon as a curse. Even family, full of good intentions will eventually fall by the wayside. They cannot stay by a suffering person’s side at all times of the day and night. A benefit of the Christian world is the church body. There are brothers and sister in the faith who will lift you up in prayer. The greatest blessing of being a Christian is the abiding presence of God within. In the world, you will eventually have to endure alone. But for a Christian, we are never alone. The indwelling, abiding presence of God in the form of the Holy Spirit remains with us. He comforts us. He brings us peace and care. And then, oh by the way, we also get heaven as a reward at the end. We do not follow God out of a sense of convenience, but rather out of a spirit of devotion and love for the One who died for me, who abides within me and will never let me go.
You Are Never Alone. Jesus sticks closer than a brother.



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