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My Rock and My Redeemer July 2, 2010

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Psalms 62
We are so fragile. Some more so than others. Our bodies are mere clay pots. Our lives described as only a vapor, here one moment and the next moment, gone. Not only our physical statutes, but also our emotional parts. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. We are quick to love and forgive, but we are easily hurt in the process. “You have to be thick skinned,” they tell us. “If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t pick on you,” they say. They are “just kidding.” We are supposed to let insults and criticisms roll off of us like water off a duck’s back. It is easier said than done. Sometimes it is just too much.
Our fellow man is often rude and cruel. They very often go too far. Then, when someone feels the sting of a personal jibe, others are quick to jump on the critical bandwagon like sharks when there is blood in the water. When my friends and I were young, we would all hang out and rip on each other. We could tell when it got to be too much. When whomever was “it” for the moment had had enough, we were sometimes kind enough to rip on someone else in the group for a while. Eventually the offended came around and began to participate again. That’s when they became fair game and the cycle continued. We were friends. What about when it is someone from outside your circle. Jesus says we are supposed to love these people.
Rather than being critical to one another, wouldn’t it make more sense to be kind? Wouldn’t it make more sense to build each other up? The world is tough enough out there. People are criticized at work and in the home. Our shortcomings are always before us, held up like a neon sign that says we are not good enough. Especially among our friends, wouldn’t it make more sense to be supportive? We’re not though, too often, are we? Nope. We live in this constant state of self comparison and put others down to make ourselves feel better. The problem with that is, we ought not compare ourselves to each other. We have a holy standard to live up to that we will never obtain but we should always be striving for it. Especially Christians. We should build each other up, but too often we compare ourselves to others and say, ‘as long as I am doing better than that person, I’m still good enough.’ What if that’s not true? We elevate ourselves in our minds above this person or that one only to find that when we think we have arrived there is someone else waiting to put us down from our new high and lofty position.
We are so easily toppled. We are mere leaning fences in our emotional states. We are already so close to going down, falling down, giving up, giving in… Who can we turn to when we need someone to cry out to? Can we truly go to God with our hurts? With our fears? With our pain? Raw emotions and all? Will He receive us or will He put us down to elevate Himself like so many of our peers? No.
God is complete within Himself. He does not need our failures and shortcomings to make Himself feel better. He is better than us, all the time. He is perfect. He needs nothing to make Himself any more than He is. He simply ‘is.’ God is our Strong Tower. He is our Rock, our Shelter, our Fortress. “A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing… “ We can run to Him. We can hide in Him. We can confide in Him. And, He genuinely wants to hear from us. He wants to care for you. To shelter you against the midst of the flood and the storms that are in your life. God wants to care for you and protect you. He loves you.
Low born men are born so low. Yet, God can raise them up. You know, rags to riches stories. The homeless man who becomes the millionaire. My favorite is the sinner who becomes a Christian and heir to the throne. God rescues us out of our sinful state to be high born men. We may not see it in this life, but someday. High born men too often think too highly of themselves. They do not know the struggle. Jesus said, “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” High born men are born into plenty and do not often know need. Both are but a breath, a vapor, morning mist. In Steve Taylor’s song “Meltdown at Madame Tussaud’s,” we learn everyone meets the same fate. No one can outrun death. “Look at all the criminals soften to the cores. They’re mixing with the head of state floating down the lane. Good, bad, there they go down the same drain.”
In the end, God will reward everyone for what they have or have not done. You can run to Him when the world and the people in it get you down. People look at outward appearances, but God looks on the heart. Our heart is right when Jesus lives in it. Our actions reflect the One who lives in and through us. Let us not identify ourselves with the rest of mankind that desires to build themselves up by putting others down. Their excuses will be silenced and their deeds weighed upon God’s scales of righteousness. Do not be found lacking. Live out your faith. Live the fruits of the Spirit. Then, regardless of the status you were born in, you will be high born into the Kingdom, grafted into the body. This world will have difficulties for a little while, but the eternity we spend with God will make it all worth it.
Are you living right?



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