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My Help Comes From the Lord May 12, 2010

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Psalm 121
Psalm 121 is one of a collection of psalms called “Psalms of Ascent.” Pilgrims on their way to the Temple for sacrifice or festival would sing these psalms as they got nearer Jerusalem. The city itself sits atop a rocky outcropping. As people made their way they were quite literally climbing a hill, ascending from the plains below to the city above. These psalms prepared the worshipper for what they were about to do, reminding them of the goodness of God whom they were coming to honor. Psalm 121 is especially poignant with its words regarding the hills the worshipper had to climb and the certainty of the One watching over them as they went.
There is nothing more comforting to know than you are safe. Especially when we sleep, we want to know that we are guarded and protected from danger. Many have had their sleep interrupted by some unwanted stranger entering their place, invading their quiet. We install alarms systems in our houses and keep the doors locked. But for some there is always lingering doubt, what if… In the Army we trust our buddy in the foxhole with us to stand guard as we sleep. It is a comforting thought to know that there is someone who will keep watch while our guard is down. The problem is, our buddy is only human and will succumb to the sleep monster himself as well. There must be something better, someone better. There is.
Who do you ask for help? Where do you turn when you need assistance? Again, we have devices in our vehicles and on our homes that call for help immediately. For advice we turn to those people we trust, those you have been through the fiery trials. My greatest source of advice came from my great-grandmother. She was adopted from Ireland as a small child. No real records were kept back then, so we never really knew how old she was, where she was really from or who her parents were. She died a few years ago. We think she was about 98. I went to visit her regularly, especially as a teenager. My world was crumbling around me and I never knew what to do. She did though. I value her so much for the help she gave me. I have since passed some of her wisdom on to others. Is there anyone better than that? There is.
We find mentors and friends who are willing to help. We ask teachers and professors and counselors of all kinds. Two problems with that though: our mentors can only give us their perspective from a worldly viewpoint and we seldom take good advice when it’s presented. You know why psychologists and counselor and therapists stay in business? Because no one really does what they say anyway. We don’t heed. They might offer, but the best advice they have is still on an earthly plain. Some consult spiritists, mediums, tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, stones, bones, and magic eight balls. None of these offer what the Creator can offer. The One who brought order out of chaos in the beginning is enough to answer all our questions. We can trust Him. If He determined how far the ocean could reach up the shoreline, if He created the mountains and the animals and order of this whole universe and then maintains it in His hands, certainly He is capable of solving our paltry dilemmas.
The psalmist had it right. When I lift up my eyes and see the city on the hill I realize that I am almost there, almost in the presence of God. I don’t have to climb up the difficult, steep parts of the hill, God has made a way. He helps me along my journey to remain safe from bandits and thieves that are all around. He is my help. He is my sustainer. He will not allow me to stumble, fall or fail. He watches over me all the time because God does not sleep. I have an ever present guardian. He provides light by day and conceals the sun to bring us the coolness of night. God will watch over me all the days of my life. God is so good to me.
You can put all your trust in God. He cares for us. Is there anyone better than that? There is not.



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