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Endurance and Service to the End May 7, 2010

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2 Timothy 2:1-13
Throughout the Bible, God provides numerous examples for us to identify with and to inspire us. Are you a man or woman? God speaks to such. He uses average men and women to accomplish His good and perfect will. Are you a son or daughter? We are co-heirs with Christ. We are God’s children. As such we must endure discipline or we are illegitimate. Are you a husband or wife? There are instructions. Do you have children? Then you know of God’s anguish at turning His back on His Son. You know the Son’s anguish. You know what it is for your child to experience hate and love and that is out there. We identify with God in our experiences. Our experiences make us who we are.
Are you a soldier? This passage speaks to you, to us. Paul knew something of the military. I have been in the Army, in one component or the other for eighteen years now. Soldiers know something of the struggle. Soldiers know about sacrifice. Soldiers know about service. We know about doing for others what they are unable or unwilling to do. We follow a creed and a code of conduct that is defined by character. We do not serve ourselves. We serve the American people. We seek the guidance and approval of our command. We do not get involved in civilian affairs. When we are deployed (as I am now) we leave all the comforts of home behind. We leave behind family, friends, children, house, etc. We leave behind simple things; things we normally take for granted: cell phones, good internet connectivity, a personal vehicle, personal space, personal freedoms. We do it so others don’t have to. We put tremendous effort into training and preparation. We put in long hours and exhaustive effort to obtain the prize. Freedom. Freedom isn’t free.
Athletes know about effort and struggle. Are you an athlete? Competitors set aside their own agendas and desires to obtain the results they require. Athletes deny themselves food, snacks, calories. They are focused and determined. They are willing to set aside their own desires for a higher demand. They carefully monitor their diet, their workout regiment, their sleep schedule. Nothing is done without careful planning. All this preparation is for a chance. Just a chance. A chance to win a prize, a trophy, a crown that perishes.
Farmers know something about service and perseverance. Are you a farmer? Farmers wait. They till the soil, prepare the land, plant the seeds, care for and tend the field, the crop. Farmers await the day that crop will be harvested. All this is done for others. Farmers rise early and work late. They live away from the modern conveniences of town. They spend countless hours alone. They make little wages and are often forgotten by the mainstream. Yet their eyes are on the future.
What do all these have in common? They are all looking to the future. They are all awaiting and expecting something grand. They are working toward something far greater than any one of us. Something transcendent. When is the last time you really “expected?” When is the last time you really dreamed? All these await a future that is unknown and unseen. Nothing is for certain. Disaster may strike in the middle of the race, but they tried. They dared greatly.
Among these, and even Paul, no can compare to the service and effort of Christ. He endured more than we can really imagine. He did it all for service to humanity, that many still reject. Jesus put in all the effort so that I might receive the greatest gift of all, eternal life. We have given nothing. We have sacrificed nothing. We have endured nothing. We have not experienced what He did for us. Our service is simple. Our efforts are miniscule. Our character flawed. Yet in Christ…
Are you in Christ? God speaks to us. We know something of the Divine.
Live for Him.



1. Cindy - May 8, 2010

Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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