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You Are God Alone April 12, 2010

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Isaiah 45:1-8
With a just a quick reading of today’s passage one is left with many questions. Who is Cyrus? Where is he going that God would make his way straight and flat? Who are the kings God will strip of their armor? What are the shut doors and barred gates? Do they represent something? Do they lead somewhere?
In order to understand this text better, we must go back a chapter, to chapter 44. God is speaking. He is telling the people of Israel that He is their God. They are His people. There is no question, doubt or consideration that must be made. It simply is. It is not negotiable. He is not asking their permission nor their preference. God is the Righteous Judge and has decided. That’s it. In telling them this, God is comparing Himself to the gods of the other people around Israel and even to Israel herself. As they settled the land they forgot who they belonged to. They forgot who had bought and paid for them with a heavy cost. The people surrounding Israel began to influence them as Israel’s sons and daughters began to intermarry. Over time they forgot the Lord their God and began to worship the foreign gods of those around them.
By comparison, God is not a god formed by human hands.( There’s a great Philips, Craig and Dean song out right now that expresses this is song, “You Are God Alone.”) In Chapter 44, God is making reference to the type of god many at this point in time were serving and the folly of doing so. It is really quite comical. Blacksmiths are forming “gods” out of iron that is forged in their own fires and made by the strength of their own arms. This is also true for potters, stone workers and carpenters. Carpenters cut down trees, use part of the wood to make a fire, bake bread, roast meat and warm themselves. To the rest of the wood, they form it into a god (fashioned by their own hands mind you) and bows down to it. This is utterly ridiculous. God calls these people deluded fools.
God is the only true God. There is none like Him. He is the Lord, strong and mighty. Our God was not created by some craftsman. Our God was not made from some stone shaped by human hands. Our God was not forged in the fire of some blacksmith. He is God. In chapter 45, God is going to prove it.
God can use whomever He wishes to accomplish His good and perfect will. Here, He will use Cyrus. He gives to people what He wishes. God does not have to ask permission. He is the Lord. God will make straight the path. God will open the doors which are closed. God will do the calling. God will do the strengthening. God created the light and the darkness and separated them. God blesses or brings disaster. God offers salvation. No other god… No other idol, statute, philosophy, lifestyle, or otherwise can do that. So what kind of god do you want to serve? Do you want a god created by human hands? Do you want a god you can manipulate, pull its strings and carry around in a box to pull out whenever you need it or to impress your friends? Or do you want the One True God. There is no other. No other formed us out of the dust. No other knit us together in our mother’s womb. No other is so intimately aware of who we are and what we need. No other can offer salvation and eternity in heaven with the One who saved us. There is only One. You are God alone.



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