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No Good News? April 9, 2010

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Jeremiah 8:4 – 9:24
Some might contend that this is a very long passage to use as a devotional though for the day. Perhaps. Others might argue that there is no good news found here at all. This passage covers Israel at a very low point, facing God’s wrath and judgment against her for wickedness and idolatry. Right. So why would I use such passage for a daily devotional? For a couple of reasons; one, it is true. It is in the Bible. It describes characteristics of God. Secondly, I believe there is good news to be found here. The good news is found before this event and especially after.
Look back at Joshua. God lets us choose. Such great freedom. But with freedom comes great responsibility. When we choose poorly, there are consequences. Here we find Israel at a low point. They have strayed from God. They have chosen instead to bow down to false idols and the deities of the people around them. Some find themselves in similar circumstances in their own lives. God is no longer their first love. They have forgotten or forsaken the One who called them out of their darkness and into His glorious light. They have drifted from their churches and congregations. They feel the pain of discipline and cold edge of judgment against their soul. Chastisement hurts. No one likes correction. Yet Paul makes it very clear. If God does not discipline us, then He does not love us and we are illegitimate children. (Hebrews 12) Return to God. The old hymn says, “if you’ll take one step toward the Savior my friend you’ll find His arms open wide.” Leave the path you are on and return to Him.
Here’s some more good news. There are always people that still care. Jeremiah is commonly referred to as the weeping prophet. Verses one and two capture his concern. He is brokenhearted over his people. He knows they have drifted away. He was given a word from the Lord to deliver to the people. The unhappy task of warning and rebuke falls to a few who are called even though they may not want to be. Very often, instead of heeding the word of the Lord through the prophets, people have sought to kill the messenger. Jesus commented on this in Luke 13. Those who bring us such news are not always our enemies. Sometimes God reaches out to us by way of a friend or one concerned for our well being. The good news is, God gives us an opportunity to get right before He goes to extreme measures to get our attention.
Here’s some more good news. God is long suffering, patient and kind. He is abounding in love and faithfulness. (Exodus 34:6) God does not bring down judgment and punishment on you for each and every little thing even though we deserve it. God is perfect and we are not. He knows that and is compassionate with our plight yet when He has had enough and has given us ample opportunity to get right, He has no other alternative but to correct us.
Here’s some more good news. God always leaves a remnant. Over and over again, Israel has fallen away and yet remained God’s chosen people. They have given ample reason to be rejected completely as we all have, but, God made a promise and God keeps His promises. He always keeps those who did not bend the knee to the false gods and idols. From them He rebuilds His people. This is true for all people and all nations that follow God.
Here’s some more good news. We are no longer under the Law but under grace. That is not to say that the Law is gone. Under the Law we were helpless. God has regarded our helpless estate and made a way where there was no way. He sent Jesus. There is no better news than that. Are you facing correction? Return to Christ. Do you feel weighed down with your burden of sin? Give your life to Christ.



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