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You Have Chosen April 7, 2010

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7 April 2010
Joshua 24:1-27
We all have an innate desire to worship something. Something greater than ourselves. Some people seek what they will worship in the stars. Some people seek the depths of the oceans or the earth itself. God gives us a choice. He does not force us to choose Him. As the Israelites settled into their inheritances, they found the original inhabitance of the land still around. They lived there long enough to begin to forget all that God had done for them. Either because those who had experienced God’s miracles had died off or had not passed the stories onto the children. During Joshua’s lifetime and the leaders that followed him they served the Lord.
Near the end of his life, Joshua calls together all the leaders of the land. He gives instructions not to turn aside from the Lord to other gods, the gods of the people in whose land the Israelites now reside. He warns the Israelites not to associate with the other nations, not to invoke their gods or make oaths by them. He gives instructions to obey the Book of the Law and always remember the Lord their God. There would consequences if they did not. Here, Joshua takes away all possibility of waffling when he tells them to choose. Choose. There are no excuses. No one can say they did not know. Choose.
It remains the same today. God beckons to us but does not force Himself upon us. He gives us the opportunity to choose. So, choose. Choose for yourself whom you will serve. Who is your god? What is the thing you worship? There are no excuses. You either choose for or choose not. Choosing is like voting. You can choose and make or choice or deal with the consequences of come what may. By not choosing directly, you are still choosing; you are choosing to accept ‘whatever.’ You have chosen what will be will be. But you cannot say you did not choose. God calls us to choose Christ. Choosing against Christ is choosing for anything else. So, who is your god? What do you worship?
Have you chosen Christ? Are you living like you have? Here again we have a choice. Jesus does not force us to live a certain way. He says there will be consequences for our actions, thoughts and intentions. Are you living out your salvation? Are you working it out with fear and trembling? Live it out. Don’t hide your light under a basket.
God does not force us to choose Him. He beckons, gently. Is He beckoning to you? Respond to Him. Choose God.



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