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A Thirsty Soul April 5, 2010

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5 April 2010
John 4:1-36
Once again we find Jesus leaving Judea heading north to Galilee. Between the two lies the land of Samaria. Samaritans and Jews did not get along well together. The animosity was a long held grudge dating back many, many years. Yet, Jesus had to pass through in order to make it to Galilee. By noon it was hot. So, stopping by a famous well, Jesus wanted a drink but had nothing to draw the water from its deep cavern. Fortunately, a woman of ill repute happened to be there. It was not by mistake that she was there. A woman of her standing would only have been able to draw water at that hour of the day due to her lifestyle. She was not well regarded and therefore was not afforded the presence of the people to go in the cooler hours of the day to draw water as the rest. Secondly, it was not by accident that she would come to draw water at that time because Jesus was there. She had a divine appointment she must keep.
Sitting there, Jesus asked her for a drink which was odd for several reasons. First, Jesus was a Jew. Jews and Samaritans did not associate with each other. Second, He was a man. Women and men did not associate with each other. Third, He was a Rabbi. Women of ill repute would not be greeted nor recognized by someone above their station in life. But, Jesus is Lord over all and to all. Jesus beacons to the lost and lowly. He reaches out to the poor and destitute. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors. He shunned the establishment and went to those who needed Him most. That has not changed. There is a world of lost and dying people out there that need the life changing power of Jesus.
Jesus asked this woman whom anyone else, even her own townspeople, would ignore for a drink. Had she known who she was talking to, she should have asked Him for a drink. Jesus is after all the Living Water. The woman asked Him for the water she thought He was offering. Living water is water that moves; a stream or creek that by its nature is clean and pure. She was looking for a way to eliminate her humiliation and hard work of having to gather water in the heat of the day. Jesus was not referring to literal water of course, but a spiritual water that satisfies the parched soul. There are thirsty people everywhere desiring a drink without knowing that they are parched. Jesus offers living water for the thirsty soul to anyone who will come. It is our job to share it with them. We are called to evangelism. Evangelism is nothing more than one beggar telling another beggar where to find food; or in this case cool, refreshing water. Evangelism crosses social and economic barriers. God calls us to evangelize to the very ones we would ordinarily ignore or even avoid. Just as this woman had a divine appointment to keep with Jesus, so we are given opportunities to share our faith with others. God puts people in our lives for that very reason. There are no restrictions to the time nor place that one of these appointments takes place. We need only be ready. The harvest is ready. Jesus looked out over the people of the town and saw a field of souls ready to be harvested. Don’t wait for the harvest to rot in the field. Take those opportunities God puts in front of us to share your faith. Be bold. Share without reservation. Share with another parched person how you came to be satisfied in your thirsty soul and where they might find this Living Water.



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