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daily devotion February 22, 2010

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22 February 2010
Hebrews 12:1-7
There are so many difficulties in life. Make a list and compare it with your neighbor. Our struggles are always far worse by comparison than anyone else’s. Struggles and difficulties cannot be compared. We can only comprehend the ones we are personally involved in. We get consumed by them. What seems to be a small thing to us may be the worst thing ever to someone else and vice versa. Our struggles feel like the worst thing we could ever endure. Yet our struggles are nothing in comparison to the fight against cancer, world hunger, heart disease… These struggles plague us all. We think our struggles are God’s punishment. We wonder why God would punish us so severely when we really did not do anything “that bad.” God is not punishing us, rather He is correcting us. He is disciplining us. He is preparing us for the next struggle and showing us that He truly does care. Just as an earthly parent disciplines and corrects a child, so God disciplines us for our good. He is treating us as His own children, which we are. Do not wish or pray against God’s discipline, rather pray that God would help you through it, to learn the lesson He has for you. The reality is that our struggles are not always punishment. Consider the host of witnesses in chapter 11. The greatest struggle we endure is not the circumstances that we are faced with, rather our greatest struggle is our constant struggle against sin. Sin which entangles us. It wraps around us, like ropes, like wet clothes. It clings to us. It sticks to us. It makes it difficult to move, to work, to think. But we have not yet struggled to the point of shedding our own blood. Jesus endured all the struggles that we face, yet did not sin. He endured all the difficulties. He was abused and mistreated without lashing out, without sinning. He endured the greatest struggle that led Him to the Cross for our sakes. So we fix our eyes on Jesus, “the Author and Perfecter of our faith.” There is no other way we are going to survive. In a song by the Newsboys, one of the lyrics is, “those of you without the Lord, how do you cope?” I agree. How does anyone make it without the Lord? We fight against sin. No one can overcome sin except Jesus. We might learn how to deal with it the best we can, but it never goes away. Sin stays with us until we are set free, released from its clutches. We only overcome sin by the shed blood of the Lamb. And so the struggle remains in the world but sin has been overcome. After that, it is correction and training from God since we are His children because He loves us.



1. Jackie - February 23, 2010

Great. We are so thankful to be the children of our Lord. He answers prayers everyday for us. We pray, we believe, we wait, we thank Him.

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