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daily devotion February 16, 2010

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16 February 2010
Matthew 20:20-28
When Jesus arrived on the scene, He upset the general understanding of who the Messiah was supposed to be. Most expected a militant leader or an unknown king to maintain an heir on the throne forever. Regardless of the view, most people understood the Messiah to be just a man. So when Jesus showed up and began making these strange statements about Himself, they made no sense to the people because they thought they had it all figured out. The mother of the sons of Zebedee was no different. We must remember that her understanding of the Messiah was not the one we have today. Very often we read this passage and wonder how this woman could be so brazen as to ask Jesus to allow her sons to sit at His left and right; the places of authority, where His greatest advisors would sit. The other people in the group were indignant as well. Perhaps they were jealous, or mad that they had not thought to ask for such a thing, or maybe they were upset they she would be so bold. She simply wanted her sons to be well cared for and valuable to the King. In the presence of the King. To be in the presence of God is a place of honor. We are honored just to be near Him. We do not deserved to be in His presence at all. But, God saw past our low estate and made a way to restore us. The Servant Christ made it possible for all people to draw near to Him.
See also Philippians 2:1-11



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