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daily devotion February 15, 2010

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15 February 2010
Acts 8:26-40
This is the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. Philip was sent by an angel south down the desert road. Now Philip, like all of us, my not have wanted to go that way. We have our own agendas and interests that we want to live. Like Philip, we also have been sent. We have been sent by Jesus Himself. It is interesting to me that the very one spoken of in the Scripture the eunuch was reading was about the very One who sends us and the very One which we are to speak of. It is all about Jesus. God had prepared the way. The eunuch was returning from worship in Jerusalem. He was reading Isaiah. His heart was ready to hear the Word. God always prepares the way. We have only to be obedient and open to the possibility of sharing our faith with someone else. There are numerous evangelism tools and strategies. But, none of them can replace knowledge of the Scriptures and a personal encounter with the Savior. You cannot speak of a thing of which you have no knowledge. In order to give testimony you must be a witness. Experience the Savior and share His love.



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