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The Beginning of the Idea February 5, 2010

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Church Where You Are .org was developed to provide people an opportunity to worship wherever they are and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Within the name is the concept. You can have church where you are. You can bring church to wherever you are. You can invite people to attend with you. The idea even crosses geographical boundaries because it is web based. People can travel to far off and distant lands and still attend a church service. People who are home bound don’t have to be removed from a church service. People who are in closed countries as missionaries can use this as a resource. Anyone, anywhere can use this web site as an evangelism tool. It is available all the time anywhere there is an internet connection.

Until September 2009, I was the pastor of a small church in small town, central Louisiana. As the pastor, I was constantly searching for ways to draw people into church. I tried programs and ideas that were designed to win people over. Nothing seemed to work so I began to really look at the way we do church and what we expect from people before they can attend. What I found was a series of excuses, valid or not, that argued against going to church. The current lifestyle that many people live is not conducive to attending church. People work all week, mow their grass on Saturday and want at least one day of the week to relax, recoup and unwind before returning to work on Monday. Sunday after all is supposed to be a day of rest.

Think about it. Going to church is a lot like going to work. We pick out our clothes, set the alarm, get up before we really want to, argue and fight with the kids and our spouse to get everyone ready, shove some breakfast in our face and try to get out the door to make it on time for church. And how prepared for worship are we in that mindset? Are our hearts and minds ready for worship? Are we ready to meet with God? Church Where You Are .org was developed to address these issues and more.

I serve with the Louisiana National Guard as a Chaplain. My job is to provide for the religious, ethical and spiritual needs of the soldiers within the Battalion. I go where the soldiers go. If they are in the field, I am there with them. If they are at the range, I am there too. Chaplains like to say, “we bring God to the soldiers and soldiers to God.” That is part of the inspiration behind Church Where You Are.



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