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We Shall Begin… January 26, 2010

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Since my good friend Theron (who is writing the sermons and devotions for this blog) is in the military and is deploying to Iraq he has not had a lot of time to get his portion this site off the ground. Not being in the military I have a bit more time than Theron – but just a bit. I’m Stacy, the worship leader for Church Where You Are, and I’ve just upload a couple of worship videos for you to worship along with “where you are.” Click the links below to worship with us, and be sure to share this site and videos with your friends and family.

Pray for us as we begin this ministry to bring the good news of Christ to the world wherever they are. This blog, and eventual website, is being created to allow people to worship and learn more about Christ from their home, hospital room, place of work, etc. Convenience of worship. Immediacy of worship. Worship where you are.

Revelation Song: praising God for what He is: eternal, all loving, awesome, wonderful, King, everything.

Mighty to Save: Jesus Christ is the source of salvation, He is mighty, He is savior, He can do all things, He is author of salvation, He conquered the grave!



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